Technological developments in 2017

Speaking on a matter relating to the development of technology that would not exist at all exhausted endless. Year after year will certainly experience development, which goal is to create a technology that is more advanced and able to bring major changes to help alleviate any human task.

2comments Share Tweet Share Pin it Home Internet world Technological developments in 2017 that will be the Face of Progress Technological developments in 2017 that will be the Face of Progress By World Internet 2 Comments Speaking on a matter relating to the development of technology that would not exist at all exhausted endless. Year after year will certainly experience development, which goal is to create a technology that is more advanced and able to bring major changes to help alleviate any human task. Each year a variety of technology companies such as competing with each other in making a big change. We as a connoisseur of the technology itself can only be viewed bagaimaana results that they have created.

Because after all, if one is able to create a big change in technology towards better, then they will get the most benefit. But what happens in this day and age where transparency is so wide, many people are taking advantage of the ideas that have been made by others. For example there is a company that managed to find a latest technology, but others could easily copy and modify it into a form better without copyright infringement. This is what makes the competition continuously occurs between one party and another party. Well then on the times, I would like to discuss in more detail on the development of technology in the year 2017 because I observed a lot of changes and developments in technology which may not have been released last year and this year will be a requirement that hunted a lot of people.

Technological developments in 2017 Actually, the technology was created to make things better life, faster and easier. Technology is not just about the tools of advanced tools that you may often encounter in the form of gadgets and so on. But a variety of engineering in various fields such as engineering in the field of biology or often referred to biotechnology also included in the group of technology. So it's not a matter of technology alone tool, but new ideas are applied to a process of change in various fields are also included in the development of technology. Well here are some technological developments in 2017 that may be popular, loved by the wider community and worldwide. What are they? Please see the discussion below.

  • Iris scan technology on most smartphones 
You need to know, that the iris scanner technology that is believed to provide the speed and 10 times better security than fingerprint scanner. So both of them certainly would be a concern for the manufacturer of smartphones. If indeed iris scanners can provide the capabilities and better ease than some fingerprint scanner, fingerprint technology then most likely this will be displaced by the development of technology that one. It is to make this technology is not as easy as imagined. Due to the precision or accuracy of a camera to see and identify in detail how the human iris conditions and circumstances it was quite difficult.

So if the HP camera continuously active to open HP, then the battery is also wasteful. However with the latest technological advances that are already using breakthrough to address and enhance the way. In this year, the technology will actually growing rapidly, even made possible more than 200%. if we see today, mobile phones that use iris scanners were just a few. For example NX Fujitsu F-04G, UMI Iron, Alcatel Idol 3, 3 grand ZTE, Vivo X5 Pro, Microsoft 950 XL and many more. Even predictable, iris technology will be used in more functionality.

Start of absenteeism for school or work, cctv, and could even be used to enter the account and payment. So we can be sure that eventually iris scanner technology is growing, and this year is a year of research and development, but the peak may be applied in a few years. For other types of scanners, the possibility also predicted there will be major changes in recent years. One is in terms of technology mouse scanner capable of being used to include words from paper directly into a word processing application. Indeed, the way it works is
similar to a scanner in general, only more sophisticated and more simple in use.

  • VR & AR
Now many phones that have a gyroscope sensor to support the experience of using VR and AR. Yes today is technology VR or Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality or AR arguably the newborn. So if we see a lot of that has not been perfect. Its use will also be applied in various fields. For example in a museum itself is already used this technology with the support of Google to create a variety of fossils as if it was alive again just like in ancient times.

So it is indeed an achievement that really could give a sensation and experience is so interesting, so anyone trying untu enhance this technology. VR and AR technologies is estimated that it will reach its peak in 2021 later. And now this is the start of this one crawled technology. I myself have not used the technology on this one. Because it has not been able to buy equipment that supports.

However, if it is already at its peak, anyone can use this technology easily and certainly cheaper. At this year's possible development of this technology will be massive. Which will be functioned not only as a means for entertainment only, but rather as a tool for health and others. For example, just now there is a tool called oculus rift which is a tool that is being developed by Oculus VR.

  • Replacement technology for smartphones 
Smartphone seems currently a technology that can not be replaced by anything. Its role in life is so important. So that anyone who does not use a smartphone will feel outdated. Therefore, many companies are racing the race to include all the sophistication of sophistication that is packaged in advanced features to the smartphone. Therefore, with the latest version and always the latest, the smartphone does not just come down in price, it is stable, and will even rise to variants of the latest types.

However rumored lately there is a technology that will be predicted to be able to replace a smartphone. And it's only annular members are able to display the screen of our skin. So the screen is portable in nature, meaning that can be used on any surface including our skin. And later we touch our skin instead of bands. So this tool is different from the smartwatch or smart watches like kebanyakaan today. cricet Bracelet The tool is called "Cricet Bracelet" which is currently being studied for further development. All of it was done by a French technology perusaah named Cricet. Even this bracelet nantiya can display computer screens, tablets and smartphones in the skin of a person.

So this is not a dream anymore. Maybe you've seen in films such technology, but in this year or a few years this will be possible and you can enjoy it. But the devices as well as tools for 3D technology that is capable of displaying a display in the air like a hologram, maybe now it only exists in film only, in reality yet, but that does not mean there will not be. Yes this is one of the replacement tool smartphone someday. However, that trend could change shortly.

The development of this kind of technology also will become a trend. However, to maintain it in order to remain in the community and the community has always been a trend that's hard. But if it has the benefit of a better and more simple than smartphone usage, someday this technology could shift the smartphone. Cricet this bracelet makes your skin a touch screen media. So all of the functions can be operated in the smartphone, then it will be used in this one tool.

Examples for browsing, email, chat, SMS, phone and so on. So practically function above but below smartphone smartwatch, because to play the game I think, is still difficult.

  • Artificial intelligence 
Artificial intelligence is being digembor -gemborkan today. Lots of companies that want to develop this kind of technology. Starting from facebook, google, microsoft, and many more. They wanted to create a technology that can improve yourself and also to move itself. For example alone this time we can see on the google car. The car is able to walk alone without anyone to drive it or control it remotely. So this car is already able to control himself for the way in public streets or even a narrow street.

In fact, this car is rare accident. Moreover in certain countries there is also applying it to taxi. So when passengers book online, then this car will come and will deliver pengumpang without anyone driving or control it remotely. Not only that, for the motor is also available. Motobot is even able to race with the world's top drivers. Moreover, without being controlled by anyone, that's the brains of the motor that controls the bike.

To combat aircraft is also there, but it was limited to the movie. But that does not mean it is impossible if it is realized in the real world. With artificial intelligence technology, the development of any technology will be done without humans. Even the man who will be a lot of idle because all the work has been replaced by technology. Advanced machine learning technology Advanced machine learning technology is a continuation of artificial intelligent. So all of a computerized system will be able to learn, predict, improve, understand, adapt, and can perform independently.

Later this kind of technology will be used for a variety of fields such as virtual Assiten, robots, household electronic equipment, vehicles, smart advisors and many others. So will it be easier for us. For example a fridge could provide what was discussed owner, or it could be a car that can run itself when someone is busy. But there are worrying of all of them. Bill Gates just too worried about this. Because if the machine is able to do everything independently, and people are already giving freedom to the device, it could be they could take on its own power, self-repair, and even can be used for evil. Or even robots that can do their own way and difficult to control. Yeah like that's the power of artificial intelligence that is one of the technological developments that will arise.

Humans want to create a tool that has surpassed human intelligence. Even later it would be dangerous for the man himself. A sort of twin digital technology has also become a matter that will be the trend. Twin digital technology can be able to understand the circumstances surrounding this, respond to any changes, perform a particular operation and more. So with sensor sensor that these tools can work well. Going forward, advanced tool tool is made possible using this technology combined with artificial intelligence.

  • genetic breeding 
Genetic breeding is forbidden to be done to men despite a cloning experiment on humans some time ago. Therefore, animals and plants are a target for these genetic breeding.

Breeding genetics over the years become one of the things that were thought to be many people in the world of technology development. Starting from conventional biotechnology such as graft, to the most modern such as tissue culture or even no better than it is one step in breeding genetics. So you can use it to improve the properties of the offspring.

Because of land for agriculture and livestock are more narrow, expected by the progress and development of this technology into the right solution. Even with continuous research in the fields of biology, it is possible can make something that is very useful for human life, or even very dangerous. Because if misused, technological developments in the field of bio is more terrible than the field of chemical risks. So the nuclear danger was still less risk than this. So it should be really really sure which one is right and what is not for technological development in the field on this one.

With this, later expected to meet food needs of an area, reducing pests, and of course the quality and quantity creates better results. This all can be done with genetic breeding.

  • Adaptive security architecture
This is a security technology. So the more the development of artificial intelligence technology and others, then this must be balanced with security technology capable of. One of them is by increasing security technology in various fields. Basically, the more people are smart to create a technology, behind it there are people who continue to look for the weaknesses of each technology invented. 

They sebaga hackers or crackers use it to benefit themselves personally. Therefore, world security technologies must also be upgraded as possible to minimize any gaps that risk to be cracked. Future technological world and the virtual world will have a wide openness. So anyone can access and have a right to know. For example itself technologies under development are blockhain technology. Blockhain a giant book that is accessible for everyone. The book contains all seusatu in respect of transactions of the bitcoin network. Denan is expected to be able to incorporate every process that is so diverse, ranging from covers the concept of middleware, database, security, an analysis, financial manajemenan, and identity. 

It is one of the efforts to improve security because bitcoin is currently very widely used for the payment of such illegal transactions are often carried out in the deep web. Starting from the sale of drugs, illicit sales tools, and services prohibited services, ranging from hacking services, murder, kidnapping, child abuse and so on. Such a glimpse of the technological developments in 2017 this time. Hopefully it can provide benefits to us all. Do not forget to visit the blog klikmania to get a variety of useful information. thanks.

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