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Art music is a branch of art that uses music as a means to reveal the expression of its maker. While music is an art that uses sound structured so that it contains rhythm, song, and harmony particularly sound generated from tools that can generate rhythm. Some people consider the intangible music at all. Music according to Aristotle have the ability to reconcile the troubled heart, has a recreational therapy, and foster patriotism.

Understanding Art Music
Art is the ability to make something in conjunction with efforts to achieve a goal that has been determined by the particular idea. While music is the sound that was structured so that it contains rhythm, song, and harmony. Thus, we can conclude that the art of music is a means of expression of an artist who uses sound arranged so either by using a musical instrument and vocal sounds.

Etymology Music
The etymology of the word "music" comes from the English music. While the word "music" comes from the Greek mousike. The word is used to refer to all the arts, led by the Muses. However, most of the art led by the Muses in the form of music and poetry. Later in Rome, ars musica word used to mengistilahkan poetry that uses musical instruments.

Music Art History
Music has been around since the time in which humans first present. The development of the art of music is very fast due to many new discoveries, especially in the field of culture. This makes the history of the art of music should be divided into several times to make it easier to know the development of musical art. The history of the art of music can be divided into six times. That prehistoric, medieval, Baroque and Rokoko era, the era of the classical, romantic period and modern times.

Prehistoric Age Music
Music has been known since the presence of humans Homo sapiens is about 180,000 to 100,000 years ago. No one knows who the man who first exposed to the art of music. The oldest musical instrument is a flute made of bone that has been hollowed out. Usually derived from the thighbone of a bear. The Flute allegedly made 40,000 years ago. Collection of ancient musical instruments most commonly found in China dating from 7000 to 6600 BC. Inscriptions contains songs Hurrian dated 1400 BC is the oldest music notation ever recorded.

Medieval Music
In the Middle Ages (476-1572 AD) art of music is mostly used for the sake of Christianity. However, after a variety of new discoveries in all fields, music functions also developed not only for religious activities. In the age-old (1500-1600) turned up the music of romance and heroism. At this time the music of the Church suffered a setback. Piano and organ are also found at this age. Composer who live in this age is Leonine, Perotin, and Guillaume de Machaut.

Zaman Music
 Baroque and Rokoko In the days of the Baroque and Rokoko (1600-1750) ornamental use (decoration music) more and more angry. However, the use of Baroque music performed spontaneously while in use Rokoko music recorded and regulated. Figures famous musical art in this age is Johan Sebastian Bach. He is the creator of coral music for church sermon and creator of instrumental songs. Unfortunately at the end of his life blind and Sebastian Bach died in Leipzig.

Music of the Classical Era After the days of the Baroque and Rokoko ended, the classical era (1750-1820) appears. At this time, the use of dynamics become more tender, with accelerando tempo change (faster) and ritarteando (softer), and ornamental use is restricted. Famous composer in the classical era was Johann Christian Bach, Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Ludwig van Beethoven. 2.5. Zaman Music Romanti.

Music in the romantic period (1810-1900) was very concerned with the subjective feeling. The music began to be used to express feelings. Therefore, the use of dynamics and tempo is increasingly being used. Opera and ballet developed in this era. The famous composer during this era was Ludwig van Beethoven and Franz Schubert. At the end of the romantic period, the orchestra berkembangan very dramatic and into urban culture. Growing diversity is also a variety of new musical theater as an operetta, musical comedy, and various other forms of musical theater.

Music Modern Age In the 20th century, the invention of the radio is a new way to listen to music. The music of the modern age is more focused on rhythm, style, and voice. But the music at this age do not recognize the existence of laws and regulations. The discovery of a voice recorder and music editing tools to provide a new genre of classical music. Thus, people are more free to express its expression through music.

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